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DVDs & Videos

BIPAI produces a wide variety of videos, DVDs and slide sets for use by healthcare professionals worldwide. These copyrighted materials are free and cover topics ranging from adherence to pill swallowing.

So Now You Know, Now What?

Adherence - Now You KnowA short film featuring children living with HIV who speak to other children with HIV. “Teens share their feelings and emotions about the day that changed their lives, the day they found out they had HIV. It demonstrates that children living with HIV are just like other children - they play, dream and plan for their futures; dreams and futures that they will live to see come true.” Mark W. Kline, MD, President, BIPAI.
DVD available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Free.
Email Nancy Calles to request a copy.

Kids to Kids: Medication Dedication

Adherence - Kids to kidsTargeted to HIV-infected children and teens, this video offers education, peer support and inspiration about daily life with HIV. It features six HIV-infected children and teens treated at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital, who share their individual experiences. The program does not minimize the rigors of treatment, but shows these young people enjoying themselves in a normal, spontaneous and fun childhood. Their experiences range from those just starting antiretroviral treatment to those experiencing difficulty with the rigors of treatment.
Video available in English and Spanish. Free.
Email Nancy Calles to request a copy.

Pill Swallowing

Adherence - pill swallowingThis video program and brochure instructs medical caregivers in a technique to teach pill-swallowing to children quickly. This technique relies on the behavior modification principle of shaping. Shaping involves teaching a child to perform a difficult task by starting with a simple task and moving to progressively more difficult tasks. In this case, the child starts with very small pills and gradually building confidence as he or she moves to large pills. This technique helps keep performance anxiety low and motivation high, both of which are important in learning to swallow large pills.
Video available in English. Free.
Email Danita Czyzewski to request a copy.